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William “Scott” Burleson is the author of The Statue in the Stone: Decoding Customer Motivation with the 48 Laws of Jobs-to-be-Done Philosophy.  


He has a diverse professional background in manufacturing engineering, product management, voice-of-the-customer training and leadership for SaaS development. 

As product manager for John Deere’s premium compact tractors, he led strategic marketing for the 1023E and 1025R tractors. With the foresight that only a JTBD framework can provide, these would become two of Deere’s most successful products in its long history.

As Director of the Strategyn Institute, he worked alongside the world's best JTBD practitioners. Strategyn, founded by pioneer Tony Ulwick, is ground zero for Jobs-to-be-Done philosophy.  

Today, as Head of Product and Research Director for The AIM Institute, Burleson leads product development for Blueprinter® software, teaches workshops on innovation using the New Product Blueprinting process, and advises corporate leaders and practitioners on growth via JTBD principles.

He has an MS in Management and a BS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University.

***Scott loves to connect on LinkedIn with JTBD enthusiasts from around the world! Click here to connect

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